GraDoc (Graphic Documentation Systems in Mural Painting Conservation)
On 1999 was held in Rome, at ICCROM “GraDoc ” Research Seminar organized by  ICCROM and coordinated by Werner Schmid  with the participation of 23 international specialists in graphic documentation in the specific  field of mural painting conservation and, of course, more general question about documentation of cultural property. The objective of the complete bibliography – a my research product – was to collect the titles of books, articles and other text references on methods and means of graphic documentation, with a special focus on computer-aided applications. A work in progress useful for distributing and sharing knowledge.

RecorDIM (Recording, Documentation and Information Management)
Between 1995 and 1999, a series of outreach workshops held by the CIPA has identified critical gaps in the fields of heritage. Recording, Documentation and Information Management. In response ICOMOS, GCI and CIPA together created the RecorDIM Initiative partnership to bring information users and providers together to identify the nature of the gaps between them, to develop strategies to close the gaps and to recommend a framework for action to be coordinated by the RecorDIM Initiative.

Bollettino dell’ICR – Monographic issue on Digital Documentation
Necessity of an upgrade of the content of the monographic issue on Digital Documentation in “Bollettino dell’ICR” n°5 2002 (editors Giancarlo Buzzanca and Francesca Piqué) published in 2004.
The Dossier puts forward a view that is first methodological, then historical, before turning to some case studies, and finally pointing out guidelines for experimentation. The Dossier seeks to explore how and in what way advanced technologies for digital documentation can influence and bring about changes in the approach to documentation as a discipline. In particular, attention is focused on the relationship between the users as well as the providers, suppliers and computer documentation specialists who are fully aware of the potential of this new technology.