Project contribution to the advancement …

Project contribution to the advancement of practice in the conservation field

What are the needs and requests of restorers and preservation experts in terms of what computer programs and documentation specialists can provide? More to the point, is it necessary to make use of graphic computer documentation that include also a database approach? In addition, if so, what are the advantages compared to the tried and tested traditional methods?

A synoptic analysis and, moreover, a glossary definition needs to improve a discussion that involves providers (documentation and/or computer specialists) and users (conservator-restorer, conservation manager and related conservation specialists).

There is not a shared bibliography and the authors of articles sometime are more interested to put themselves in a Olympus more than contribute to a critical debate on the basis of the discipline

Adopting a Quality management systems approach and replicating the same words used in the previous paragraph, without formulating hypotheses but pointing to the essential needs and necessity of the project:

  • it’s necessary the customization of the documentation process using CAD or/and GIS open source software;
  • it’s necessary the definition of a lexicon containing general terms, graphic indication, data base categories and information structure for describing state of conservation, executive techniques and so on;
  • it’s necessary to test on site according the Quality management systems approach;
  • the methodology and techniques adopted require full documentation of the procedures.

The results of these procedures generate methodological and technological advancement in the conservation field.