This bibliography presents a number of theme-related books and articles published internationally over the past twenty years. These publications, together with the main doctrinal texts applying to the recording, documentation, and information management of cultural heritage places (see appendix H), were instrumental to the development of this book. The research was mainly into the English, German, and Italian literature, and the authors are aware that some important references, especially in languages other than those of the literature, may have been left out.
The main criterion for selection was that the issue of recording, documentation, and information management of cultural heritage places is approached in a more general, methodological, and conceptual manner. This involved the exclusion of primarily technical and tools-related literature, which appears to be the principal focus of most publications
in the field.
In addition to bibliographic information, all selected entries include an abstract in English to provide a “feel” for the contents, especially those relating to the topic of this book, without presuming to provide a concise summary. Where available and considered to be adequate, an existing abstract is used.
This annotated bibliography is divided into five sections.
The first three are

  • (A) Recording and Documentation,
  • (B) Information Systems and Inventories, and
  • (C) Preservation of Records and Archiving.

Section D lists important international meetings, the proceedings of which contain a wealth of additional information on different methodological, technical, and case-specific topics. For this section, no abstracts are provided for single contributions. The final section, section E, is a list of ICOMOS-CIPA symposia.
This annotated bibliography is included in a searchable database located on the Getty Web site at